The 10-PAK, is an affordable 1x10 autoloader supporting LTO UltriumTM, Sony SAIT, and Quantum SDLT tape drives.

The 10-PAK standard configuration includes both a barcode scanner and an Import/Export (I/E) mail slot for single-cartridge loading and unloading.

Like all Breece Hill tape automation products, the 10-Pak offers convenient access to the tape drive and to the cartridge holding area through a locking front door. This allows for simplified maintenance and bulk loading and unloading of cartridges. The user-friendly front LCD display and keypad allow fast and easy setup and monitoring.

10-Pak with Sony SAIT Configured with a Sony SAIT tape drive, the Breece Hill 10-Pak is the highest capacity and highest performance autoloader available on the market today. With 500 GB (native) per cartridge, the SAIT 10-Pak achieves up to 5 TB of uncompressed storage in just 4u - a higher data density than any other autoloader.

10PAK-SAIT $13,495.00