26400310  FUJI 3592 300GB TAPE CARTRIDGE

26400310 FUJI 3592 300GB TAPE CARTRIDGE

Product Name: 3592 JA Labeled Tape Cartridge Marketing Information: Enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of media that offers both high capacity and extremely high reliability. Featuring FujifilmĘs proprietary Nanocubic technology, the 3592 Tape Cartridge Series offers 300GB native capacity (900GB 3:1 data compressed) and a native transfer rate of 40MB per second (110MB per second with 3:1 data compression). And Fujifilm tape products are recognized throughout the world as among the most reliable data storage products available. Packaged Quantity: 1 Product Type: Data Cartridge Tape Technology: 3592 Storage Capacity: 300GB (Native)/900GB (Compressed)