Data Writing Speed DVD-R DVD+R 20x DVD+R Double Layer 8x DVD-RAM 12x CD-R 40x CD-RW 32x Supported Formats: Most Industry Standard DVD/CD Formats

Product Features:

Robotic DVD/CD Duplicator and LightScribe labeler Production capacity up to 200 unattended disc copies or labeled discs 3 simultaneous DVDs or 3 simulatneous CDs per cycle for optimum throughput DVD Copies at up to 20x or CD copies at up to 48x Supports popular DVD formats. Duplicates using DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM blank media Disc Publishing suite included with purchase Professional Black to complement office or computer room Minimum System Requirements

Pentium III 550MHz, 128MB RAM (Pentium 4 1.5GHz, 256MB RAM recommended) Windows XP, Vista 100MB free Hard Drive space for DVD/CD recording software, 1GB free Hard Drive space for CD Image recording is recommended, 10GB for DVD authoring (20GB for double-layer DVD authoring) One available USB 2.0 Port Recorder Software for Towers - Powerful tools to record and share audio, video and data Label Maker for Towers - Design and laser burn disc labels. Assembled in the USA from parts sourced globally

Part# 280106 UPC 808068-00367-0

The 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS is optomized for duplicating and LightScribe labeling speed with a fast robotic loading mechanism. It is capable of multiple unattended direct to disc LightScribe labeling or unattended disc duplication. Just load it with a blank LightScribe media, use your PC to select the disc image or label you desire with the powerful Disc Publishing Suite and it can automatically produce up to 200 DVD/CD copies or clearly labeled discs with no operator intervention. This DVD/CD publisher can copy as many DVDs and CDs as you need and with the LightScribe Disc Labeling technology built in, the DVD recorder lasers can burn custom labels on each disc in the same machine. With the 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS you can duplicate DVDs at speeds up to 20x and also copy up to 8.5GB on Double Layer Media at up to 4x. It will make 3 simultaneous copies of two hours of video in as few as 5 minutes. Then the 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS will reload and copy again.