ATTO has an extensive line of products aimed at one thing: faster, flexible, reliable data delivery. Our hardware and software products optimize system performance for computer users around the world. ATTO has been a leader in cross-platform storage-infrastructure solutions for high-performance applications since 1988. ATTO products accelerate data access, increase productivity and better manage the storage within a workgroup or across the Enterprise.

ATTO's wide range of products include: ATTO Celerity Storage Adapters A platform for advanced storage connectivity ATTO FibreBridgeTM Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridges in three easily integrated form factors ATTO iPBridgeTM Gigabit Ethernet-to-SCSI bridge with support for iSCSI and NDMP protocols ATTO ExpressPCI FC host adapters One- and two-Gigabit Fibre Channel host bus adapters ATTO ExpressPCI SCSI host adapters Ultra3 and Ultra320 host bus adapters ATTO ATA-based storage array Multi-terabyte, high-performance data storage arrays with SCSI and FC interfaces ATTO FibreCenterTM Fibre Channel hubs available in desktop and rack mount ATTO AccelWare SAN volume management software ATTO ExpressRAID RAID software ATTO ExpressStripe for Mac OS X RAID software for Mac OS X ATTO products are easy to use, cost-effective and increase performance. Certifications with leading storage partners throughout the industry assure interoperability.