Since its foundation Colortrac has been a pioneer and innovator in cost-effective color and monochrome wide format scanners. We were the first manufacturer to deliver affordable digital color image capture for large format copying and wide format scanning applications in the graphic arts, construction, engineering, GIS, mapping and many other large format scanner applications. SmartLF Gx+ is Colortrac's sixth generation of CCD large format scanner and our most innovative and accomplished so far. SmartLF Cx is the market leading CIS wide format scanner worldwide. SmartLF Ci is Colortrac's exciting new, fourth generation CIS wide format scanner.

Colortrac provides high quality wide format scanners and large format copy solutions for digital color and monochrome applications for customers engaged in:

* Architecture * Construction * Corporate In-house Services * Electronic Document Management (EDM) * Electronic Document Capture (EDC) * Engineering (CAD / CAM / CAE) * Geographical Information Systems (GIS) * Graphic and Fine Arts Reproduction * Reprographics