The most advanced Hand Held Duplication Tool on the market today! Robust software for data capture! Data transfer speeds exceed 6 GB/min.

Works with any ATA IDE, EIDE, or Ultra DMA Drives. Native SATA UDMA High Speed interface--UP to 6 GB/min! Built-in Serial Interface connections Smart Copy mode copies to dissimilar drives in the same load. Will copy any O/S (in Mirror Copy mode) SmartCopy Options:

Linux EXT2/3, FAT and NTFS. DoD Wipeout (sanitization per DoD document 5220.00-M specifications.) HPA Partition DOD Erase

For faster copying, Smart Copy mode supports VFAT (win ’95), FAT12/16/32, NTFAT. For faster copying, Smart Options for NTFS and LINUX EXT 2/3 file systems. Front and Back Mirror Copy utility. Automatically formats and partitions the Target drives during the duplication process. Automatically DE-FRAGMENTS the Target drives during the duplication process. Supports the (HPA) Host Protected Area in the duplication process. Supports 48 bit addressing (up to 144PB.) More Smart Options available to enhance system operation that are coming soon: Secure Erase (HDD OEM self-erase) Drive Diagnostics Application

Light weight and durable; easy to transport in custom case.

Expanded capability through various software options the DF1 also provides built in cooling and controlled airflow system for extended duplication needs. Extended cables also available for field use along with various software Options and Accessories. . .

The DataFast 1 EAGLE copies all Operating Systems (in Mirror Mode) as fast as the drives can read and write the data. Easy to use, its many features provide custom control for handling the full duplication process, including partitioning and formatting of PATA and SATA IDE drives of different capacity, make, and model in the same load.

The DF1 EAGLE has been developed to allow the user to duplicate through the USB, ATA, or parallel port. Now you can download a master drive directly to the target hard drive without removing the Computers cover that may otherwise compromise the integrity of the system.

COMING SOON: The Diagnostic Application Smart Option turns the DataFast 5 into a diagnostic and sanitization center per DoD document 5220.00-M specifications—eradicating the data a tad short of pulverization.