EC-SL6AA-YF  Quantum SuperLoader3 DLT-V4 Tape Autoloader

Quantum SuperLoader 3 DLT-V4 Tape Autoloader 1.28/2.56TB SUPERLOADER3 DLT V4 VHDCI 1DR/8SLOT HD68 2U RM BCR Tape Autoloader - 1 x Drive/8 x Slot - 1.28TB (Native)/2.56TB (Compressed) - SCSI, Network

Quantum SuperLoader 3, one DLT-V4 tape drive, eight slots, LVD SCSI, rackmount, barcode reader Includes one eight-cartridge removable magazine, VERITAS Backup Exec QuickStart software, 25 data and five cleaning barcode labels, one HD68 male SCSI terminator, one 6.6ft (2m) SCSI cable with HD68 male connector at library end and VHDCI connector at server end, one 10ft (3.1m) Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors, and North American power cord.

Model Number: EC-SL6AA-YF