This unique CloneCard Pro is a PCMCIA adapter that allows hard drive data recovery transfer rates up to 175 MB/Min., which is approximately 15 times faster than capturing data through the parallel port. Designed for use with our handheld hard drive duplication products, the CloneCard Pro is the best and only solution on the market for hard drive data recovery from a laptop. The CloneCard™ Pro, eliminates the need to open up the laptop, take the drive out of the caddy, use costly adapters, or suffer through slow image capture via the parallel port.

Bi-Directional Clone to and from a laptop computer. Easy to Use No need for special laptop drive adapters.

High Speed Up to 15x faster than parallel port cloning. Flexible Supports PCMCIA and CardBus technologies.

Capture Data through the PCMCIA Slot With the Logicube CloneCard Pro™, users can quickly clone laptop or notebook computers at speeds in excess of 175 MB/min. Cloning with the CloneCard™ is as easy as 1-2-3:

Simply insert the supplied PCMCIA card into the laptop, and connect the other end to the Target position of your Logicube hand-held unit. Boot the laptop with the supplied CloneCard™ Client floppy. Proceed to operate the Logicube unit as if a regular drive is connected at the Target position.