Cloning Options Clone from 1 master SAS, SATA, IDE or SCSI to from 1 to 5 SAS, SATA or IDE drives in target position. (IDE support is available via an optional IDE/PATA adapter, SCSI support is available as a factory-installed option) Brand unimportant Master & target drives can be different sizes, brands, & models.

Data Transfer Rate OmniSAS™ data transfer speeds may exceed 5GB/min. Easy Software Updates The OmniSAS includes both Compact Flash and USB ports for easy software updates.

O/S Independent Clone any operating system. Scales DOS, FAT 16/32 & NTFS. Free Software Updates & Technical Support Free lifetime software updates & phone technical support.

Portable & Self-contained The compact OmniSAS™ weighs only 20 lbs and requires no monitor or keyboard. One-year Standard Warranty The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Both an optional 1 year extended warranty ( total of 2 years) and a 2 year extended warranty (total of 3 years) are available.

Windows Vista™ Compatible with Windows Vista™ operating system.

F-OMNISAS-5 OmniSAS 1 to 5 SAS/SATA hard drive duplicator (Includes Clever-Copy, Selective Partitions, Master-Manager,)