The Kanguru USB Duplicator is a high speed, stand-alone, hardware based USB2.0 Duplicator capable of copying the contents from any USB storage device to up to 9 other USB storage devices. Data distribution and IT rollouts have never been so easy! Copy data from flash drive to flash drive, hard drive to flash drive, or hard drive to hard drive. The possibilities are limitless and duplication is quick and easy!

An easy to use, feature rich LCD gives you pinpoint control of the many functions the Kanguru USB Duplicator has to offer. Perform full copies, partial copies and format drives with the push of a button. The unit has 8 main function modes to copy and verify data as well as 5 different setup modes. Features include: Copy (Full/Brief), Compare (Full/Brief), Verify, and Format (Erase). The USB Duplicator works with flash memory sticks, USB hard drives, and most other USB mass storage devices. It also supports all major file systems, including Windows, DOS, Linux, and Mac file system types*.

The Kanguru USB Duplicator is great for back ups, IT work, sales/marketing preparation, rollouts and more.


Platform A Standalone unit that is capable of copying all data on USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 storage devices including USB memory sticks, memory cards, and USB Hard Drives.

Featurs & Benefits Clone data to and from any USB drive Copy data to 9 USB devices at once Supports most USB Mass Storage Devices (Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Card Readers, etc.) Size and brand independent Feature rich LCD Supports all major file systems (Win, Mac, DOS, Linux)* High speed USB2.0 (Backwards compatible with USB1.1)

* Full Copy Mode Supports All Major File Systems. Brief Copy Mode supports FAT/NTFS File Systems