When reusing DLT tapes, it is important that all data andformatting is removed completely. Degaussing with the V91 DLT/LTO DLT Tape Degausser removes all magnetic patterns, thus eliminating all data and formatting, leaving them completely clear and ready to reuse. Degaussing DLT and other magnetic media will ensure that subsequent recordings will be at their very best. And degaussing can extend the life of magnetic media such as DLT, which in turn delivers cost savings.

LTO degaussers such as the V91 DLT/LTO alter the magnetic charge on LTO tape cartridges. This process will erase the data stored on the tape and also erases the cartridge’s servo tracks, making the cartridge completely unreadable. Note: Some backup tapes may not be reusable after degaussing due to the servo track being erased.